Release the Hounds set to release new single video 1st March, 2017

Rocking Sydneysiders Release the Hounds have announced the are dropping a new video March 1 with the song ‘Jada’. The track will be stream only and will be featured on the bands upcoming first album release come July 2017. Here’s a snapshot of what’s coming March 1st.

(This is the link to the preview of the video release, can the link and video be featured here as well please as a preview)

Release the Hounds open for Choirboys at X Studios Kings Cross

Rock n roll has returned to Kings Cross at the hands of the X Studios with a night of Aussie rock with The Choirboys feat. Release the Hounds on November 9th 2016. Hounds singer Ben Jacob and rock n roll Brother Ross Young took some time out to talk with Paul Cashmere from Noise11 on the night and also the journey so far